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FAQSome Common Questions About Our Online Writing Service

Happy Graduate student

Please go through our Frequently asked questions below to get answers to some of the questions that most of our first time clients have. Talk to us via live chat if you cannot find the answer you were looking for

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Do you need an essay , assignment, homework, or thesis written? You have come to the right place. If you want to hire a writer, but you have some questions that you need answers to, scroll through the list to find the answer to some of the question that our customers frequently ask us before they order..

Please feel free to talk to us via live chat or via email if you still believe that your question was not answered satisfactorily or you couldn't find an answer to your question.

Common Queries and Questions

  • What services do you offer? +

    We provide custom academic writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting services for students at all levels and in all subject areas. Please use the link below to view all the services offered Read More
  • What are the prices for your services? +

    Our prices are based on your deadline, the type of service, and the number of pages. The prices are higher for high school essays and assignments that have a longer deadline. The minimum price for a high school essay that is due in 20 days is 12.5. The minimum price Read More
  • What does it mean to promote an order? +

    This simply means to assign the order more urgency. For instance, writers will bid sooner for orders marked "urgent'. Featured orders will also appear above the other orders. This ensures you always get the best bidders.
  • How can I modify my initial order requirements? +

    You can only modify an order before a writer is selected. Once a writer is assignment, you cannot change the order since the writer will have already began working on it. Contact support immediately so we can instruct the writer to stop working on it. Please note that you will
  • When will my paper be done? +

    Your paper will be completed within the deadline you paid for. Please contact support if you made a mistake with your deadline so we can help correct the mistake. Kindly note that you may be charged more to get a lower deadline.
  • Can I place a large order with a short deadline? +

    We always try to help our clients regardless of the deadline. However, some very large projects simply cannot be completed up to our quality standards within a short time frame. Always try to place an order in good time to avoid any complications
  • Will you maintain my privacy? +

    Yes. Maintaining your privacy is our top priority. We do not trade or sell your personal information, and we guarantee you total confidentiality.
  • Can I order securely on your website? +

    Yes. Our website is secure and all the information is encrypted. In addition, we only receive money via third party payment processors to ensure that your payment information is safe
  • Can you meet my deadline? +

    We can meet any deadline. To make sure that we start immediately, please make sure that your order is placed correctly and that you provide all relevant details and information needed to complete the project on time.
  • What if I am not happy with my paper? +

    Your satisfaction is our priority, this is why we allow you to request for unlimited revisions free of charge within 14 days of order completion. Just press the Request Revision button on the order page,, fill in any instructions, and place your order on revision. Make sure your requests do
  • What is our refund policy? +

    The Full Balance Of funds in your EssayPeer.com account, which you have NOT RESERVED for a specific order, are 100% refundable. Refunds for cancelled orders is subject to our refund and money-back policy. Please click the link below to learn more Read More
  • What if I don't have any references for writing the paper? Can you research for me? +

    Our writers do have access to online libraries and other resources, so they can perform research on your behalf. However, we prefer that the clients upload all the files required to complete the task
  • How do I check the status of my project? +

    The system will send you automated reports when the status of the order changes. However, you can ask the writer to give you a status report via chat at any time
  • Can I get a draft from my writer? +

    Yes. We can give periodic drafts if you need. Just make sure to include the date for the first draft when placing your order so the writer is aware that you will need the draft earlier than the actual deadline of the order.
  • If my professor changes the instructions, can you adjust the order? +

    We can ask the writer to make changes to your paper as long as the new changes do not differ significantly from the original instructions of your order.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    We currently accept payments via paypal only. You can use your credit card, debit card, master card, visa card, or any other card to pay securely via paypal. To deposit funds, you need to log in to you account. Please use the link below to log in and access the Read More
  • What delivery options do we offer? +

    All our finished orders are uploaded to your account. An email will be sent to your email address when the writer completes the work. You must then log in to your account to access the file. Please talk to support via live chat for more assistance
  • What support options are available? +

    We offer support via email, phone and live chat. Click the chat window below to begin chat
  • What additional services are available? +

    In addition to the paid services, we also offer free services like formatting, adding a reference list, proofreading, and editing. You do not have to ask for these services as they are offered by default on every order
  • Who are our partners? +

    We partner with third part websites like paypal to receive payments from our writers in a secure manner.
  • How do I order from Essay Peer? +

    You can place your order easily by filling our order form. The order form is designed to collect all the information that we need to process your order. Your will also get an automatic price quote when you order. Please use the link below to order Read More
  • How do I upload files for the writer? +

    You can upload files to a writer using the delivered files tab, which is located on the order instructions page . Please talk to support via live chat if you cannot find this option
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